Submit Your Diamonds to RAPLAB®

Please follow the instructions below:
  1. Contact RapLab® via email You may also telephone or visit your local Rapaport office in New York, Ramat Gan, Antwerp, Mumbai, Surat or Hong Kong. Click here for RapLab® contacts. All RapLab® clients must be approved before submitting diamonds for grading. Upon approval you will be assigned a customer representative that will coordinate your RapLab® services.
  2. Complete, Scan and Email the Client Agreement to You may provide a hard copy of the Client Agreement with your first shipment of diamonds to RapLab®.
  3. Complete the Submission Form. List the diamonds you wish to submit for grading or gemological services. In the event that you are shipping the diamonds to RapLab® please email the diamond receipt form to
  4. Package the diamonds for shipment and/or delivery to RapLab®. Each diamond must be in its own individual parcel paper. Please do not identify yourself or your company on the parcel paper.
  5. Deliver the diamonds to the RapLab® grading laboratory in Ramat Gan. Our address is:
    Rapaport Gemological Laboratories Ltd.,
    13th Floor, Tuval 21,
    Ramat Gan, 52521, Israel.
    Telephone +972-3-613-3330. Email:

Diamonds may be dropped off or shipped directly to our Ramat Gan office. Approved clients may also submit diamonds to local Rapaport offices in New York, Antwerp, Mumbai, Surat or Hong Kong. Please note shipping and delivery charges may apply for some locations.